Generating Dungeons That Your Grandma Would Love

I wanted to show the dungeons in the game. Dungeons are randomly generated floor by floor. The game makes a path from the entrance all the way to the top of the building where there is a mini boss.

Here’s what the algorithm spits out for a dungeon before a function in the code goes through and creates world objects for each piece. The arrows indicate the path the player can follow to the top. 

An “e” indicates that an area is a room with enemies to fight.

A left or right arrow means there will be a room with a puzzle that you have to solve to move on.

The up arrow means that there is a room to get to the next floor.

0's have random stuff in them, there might be something that can help with puzzles or give bonuses or they can just be empty.

Of course the top floor contains a mini boss. Each mini boss has completely random abilities. He could have an electric shock ability or be able to quickly charge into you if you don't jump out of the way

If you want to see me playing the game, follow me on Twitch where I'll do runs from time to time. As embarrassing as this sounds, I actually haven't been able to beat the game in it's current form, so I'll be trying lots of different strategies on stream to figure out what works best. (I hope to have the stream on the game's Store page on Steam too, but I haven't gotten it working great so far).

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