Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit!

I'm working on a lot of puzzle sections right now, but nothing pretty to show. I do want to update on something I haven't shown before that I've worked a lot on.

The game's different suits. Each color of suit has unique starting statistics and a completely different attack method.

The original is the blue(ish?) suit.

(I apologize about the spaceman's head and gun being invisible, something went really wrong when I exported the .gif)

This bad boy is kinda cumbersome to use, but the blue suit's stats are right in the middle, movement speed and damage wise. You have to hold down the fire button until the laser is totally charged for it to damage enemies. Upgrading your fire speed makes a huge difference for this suit. It has a few unique upgrades, like "Unrestricted Aim" which lets the laser go through walls and multiple enemies.

The second suit is the red suit.

The red suit makes your phaser shoot projectiles rather than making your phaser a long laser beam. You also have less damage in this suit and start off moving slower. It has several unique power-ups that are only available when in the suit. There is Sacrifice charge which lets you hold down the fire button to sacrifice your health into damage and Double Tap that makes every other shot fire 2 projectiles instead of one, to give a couple examples.

The last is the purple suit.

The Purple suit gives you a lightsaber instead of a blaster. The lightsaber allows you to teleport short distances towards enemies to close the gap. There are several power-ups unique to this suit, including a power that makes the gap you can teleport much longer and a power-up called Backstab Strike that makes your attacks from behind enemies do double damage.

I also had a really janky suit where you had a small torch that burned enemies from really close. I scrapped it, but I could pick it up again.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. I've been working hard on some great content that I hope to show soon.


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